Word on the bourbon street (see what I did there) is that Castle & Key has some extremely tasty rye whiskey.  Those same streets are telling me that their rye will be announced very soon.  Castle & Key posted on Instagram a photo of their newest product being announced this year and I too believe it’s their rye. 

LIke they said, its not their bourbon….yet.  Luckily, rye does not need as much time to mature as bourbon does. This would be perfect timing to coincide with lots of other big name fall releases in the whiskey world.  If this in fact their rye, then it will absolutely  be their most sought after product on the market to date.  You cant see me now but as I type this, one of my hands has two fingers crossed and I’d appreciate it if you did the same. 


Looks like we were wrong. It was a sneak peek for their London Dry Gin. Not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed. Not being a gin guy I’ll probably pass on this offering. Come on Castle & Key, we want some whiskey!!


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