Featured Video: Buffalo Trace and Freddie Johnson

This Featured video of the week highlights Buffalo Trace and Freddie Johnson.  Newly minted Bourbon Trail Hall of Fame inductee, Freddie Johnson, is one of my favorite people in the bourbon industry.  Listening to him give his acceptance speech, on stage as he received his Hall of Fame award, was one of my fondest memories. The person you see on camera is exactly who he is.  He embodies everything good about bourbon and I encourage you to seek out one of his tours at Buffalo Trace.   If you want to book a tour with him, as your guide, then you have two options: 1. Look for the time slot that fills up the quickest (this is most likely a Freddie tour) OR 2. Call the Visitors Center at 800-654-8471 and request a Freddie tour.  His tours fill up months in advanced, so make sure you plan accordingly.   There is nobody who does it better in the business!


Jordan Grigsby

Growing up in bourbon country, Jordan has developed a deep appreciation for bourbon and whiskey.This isn't limited to just the fabulous brown spirit, but the historical value and cultural significance behind it.His art background has only deepened this love affair and he hopes, through his writings, you truly see bourbon as he sees it.